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Meet Angela

About Angela

Angela graduated from Yorkville University in 2018 with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She completed this degree online, as well as her on site practicum, all while maintaining her full time career in Domestic Violence Outreach and being a single mother to a toddler.


Since then, Angela became a mother of three when she had twins in 2021, and through this experience she found a new appreciation for Perinatal Mental Health. She is currently working on becoming perinatal mental health certified, and adores working with mothers (and mothers to be)  in a counselling capacity.


Angela is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and draws on her years of experience in the non profit sector with victims of domestic violence to help women work through different forms of traumatic experiences.

Angela can direct bill Blue Cross (atlantic and SK), Green Shield, SSQ, and Veterans Affairs. Many other providers and plans will cover LCT - C designation through reimbursement.

She is licensed to practice in New Brunswick, and can see clients in Nova Scotia, as well as unregulated provinces such as Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador.


Hi, I'm Angela!

I'm A Licensed Counselling Therapist-Candidate, and started Luna Counselling & Wellness in the spring of 2022, when I was a few months postpartum with my twins. I have a passion for empowering and helping women and mothers through the various stages of their lives and healing journeys. 


I consider myself an integrative therapist, going with the flow of what my client needs in any given session, using strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and more.

I pride myself on being authentic and relatable with my clients. I've yet to meet a client I didn't have something in common with, and I will take every opportunity to bond over our mutual interests and life experience. I won't hesitate to share some of myself with you when I think it will benefit you to know that I relate and understand. The relationship built between you and your therapist is responsible for about 80% of your success in therapy - the rest doesn't matter if I don't show up authentically.

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