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Hourly Rate:

$100 - $155 

Rate dependent on provider and whether you have insurance coverage or will be paying out of pocket. Check provider bios for their respective rates.

Please confirm with our admin if you do not have insurance, or if your insurance has run out, and we can adjust your rate accordingly. 

Low Cost:




Our low cost option is for clients in NB, NL, PEI, MB and BC (due to provincial practice restrictions) and is with our MSW intern Kayla Daley. She will be starting second week of January. Please see her bio for more info on her. 



direct billing available

Depending on your policy and which practitioner you book with, we can direct bill your insurance provider so that you're only paying the difference rather than footing the bill up front.

Below is a list of insurers we can direct bill:


Medavie Blue Cross


Green Shield

Canada Life

Non-Insured Health Benefits

Chambers of Commerce

Equitable Life of Canada

Johnston Group Inc.


Veterans Affairs Canada


Medavie Blue Cross

Saskatchewan Blue Cross

Manitoba Blue Cross

Veterans Affairs

Green Shield


Medavie Blue Cross

Saskatchewan Blue Cross

Manitoba Blue Cross

Green Shield

Reach out to us if your provider isn't on this list and we will find out if we are able to direct bill them for you.

Otherwise, they will most likely reimburse, but check your policy to confirm that the provider you are booking with is covered.

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