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Therapy for women,
by women.

Laptop Typing on Bed

Fully Virtual

Experience the benefits therapy

from the comfort of your own space.

Grab a coffee, throw on your

cosiest sweats and come hang out!


There is a solid chance your therapist is secretly wearing sweatpants too (don't tell her I told you)

Image by Becca Tapert

Women Supporting

All Luna clinicians are women,

and we work exclusively with women.

Who better for us to support than the very people we inherently understand?


Nice  To  Meet  You

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I founded Luna Counselling and Wellness when I was a few months postpartum with my twins. I was struggling with my mental wellbeing and went looking for resources, and I found that there wasn't a whole lot out there for new moms.


I thought there needed to be a space just for women to feel safe, heard and understood. Together with my team I have built just that - a little slice of the internet where you can come home to yourself and thrive in womanhood.


Here at Luna...

we seek to empower women through therapeutic relationships. As humans we heal in relationships, and the one you'll form with the right therapist is so uniquely important.


Our nervous systems are hardwired to crave connection - we're here to be a piece of that puzzle.

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Why choose aLuna therapist?

Flexible Rates

Insurance Billing

Relatable Female Therapists


Appointment Times

Therapy from your phone or laptop

Consistently positive client outcomes

Qualified & Licensed Practitioners

What women are saying...


What We Help With

(a non-exhaustive list)

Maternal & Reproductive
Mental Health

ADHD Symptom Management

Birth Trauma

and Anxiety

Mom Overwhelm, Burnout and Rage

Developmental Trauma


Grief and Loss

On The Blog

Meet  The  Team

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